Billing of Stand-By Time on Cranes


January 26, 2021


January 26, 2021

The bill-to party for the handling charges will be charged a missed crane appointment fee in an amount that equals one half of the minimum crane fee as specified in Rule 34-180 if the crane is not used at the scheduled crane appointment time. In addition to the missed crane appointment fee, the bill-to party for the handling charges will also be billed for standby time, at the applicable standby rate, if it is requested that the Authority stand-by to perform a crane lift and the crane is not used at the scheduled crane appointment time.

Standby charges will accrue from the scheduled crane appointment time until the crane is used. If a crane is ordered and not used during any eight (8) hour period, and not modified as outlined in Rule 34-560, a minimum of six (6) hours shall be assessed for straight time orders, and a minimum of seven (7) hours or eight (8) hours, as outlined in Rule 34-558, shall be assessed for overtime or legal holiday orders. Standby charges are assessed to each crane ordered and not used at the scheduled/ordered time.

Standby time charges are determined by using the labor rates specified in Rule 34-630 for the crane operator, the crane lead and the crane rigging crew at the applicable straight time, time and one-half, or double time rates on a per hour basis only, with no provisions made for a fractional part of the hour. Should standby time be incurred during the same hour in which the crane is used, the crane time will be billed at the applicable crane lease rates.


Note 1:  If a missed appointment fee is incurred, the bill-to party for the handling charges will not be permitted to reschedule the appointment or schedule another crane appointment until the missed appointment fee has been guaranteed or paid.