Truck Replacement Program

GPA’s commitment to sustainable development enables it to expand operations in the most environmentally and socially responsible manner possible. To achieve growth without sacrificing the quality of the environment for future generations. Georgia Ports has implemented a truck replacement program. By providing grant funding to qualified drayage truck owners towards the purchase of a newer, more fuel-efficient truck. This program is aimed at reducing truck emissions by phasing our older trucks serving the Chatham County terminals. These funds are made available through the U.S. EPA Diesel Emissions Reduction Act.

Requirements for pre-qualification

Trade in your operational 2011 and older non-DEF equipment truck

Demonstrate a history of making at least 150 freight pick-ups and /or drop -offs within an eight-mile radius of the Georgia Port Authority Garden City Terminal in Chatham County during the past 12 months.

Application ad Purchase process

1- Submit a brief application

2- Select your replacement truck after receiving written program approval.

3- Trade in your old truck and finance a 2015 or newer model year semi- truck. Recipient will receive a grant reducing the purchase price of the newer truck.

Participants are required to make 150 pick-up an/ or drop-offs within and eight-mile radius of the GPA for the term of the financing contract.