Operations Dashboard

The latest on cargo flow at the Port of Savannah.


Georgia Ports operations updates provide useful metrics to help you stay on top of cargo flow at the Port of Savannah.

In lieu of a full operations update, GPA is providing here the weekly Operations Dashboard metrics for interested parties to review and track.

The full updates will resume as developments require.



Ships at Anchor
Monday 17      
Monday Week ago 22      
Extra loaders this week (projected) 1     GOAL:
Garden City Gate moves previous week 71,562      
Daily gate move avg 11,927      
1 move turn time avg 37 mins     35 mins
2 move turn time avg 55 mins     60 mins
Avg rail dwell previous 7 days 2.15 days     1 day
Avg Import dwell time 7.93 days     4 days
Avg Export dwell time 8.12 days     4 days
Avg Empty dwell time 17.77 days     10 days
Total containers on GCT 71,256     61,000
Loads on GCT 40,622      
Imports on GCT 27,369     20,000
Exports on GCT 13,216     13,000
Empties on GCT 30,634     28,000
40-foot Chassis Avg Street Dwell 14.4 days      


Weekly Operations Updates

Weekly updates to include useful information, metrics, and statistics for greater transparency and predictability to your business, as well as improvements to GPA’s cargo fluidity.

Aug. 24, 2021
Aug. 31, 2021
Sep. 8, 2021
Sep. 15, 2021
Sep. 22, 2021
Oct. 13, 2021
Nov. 2, 2021
Nov. 8, 2021
Nov. 15, 2021
Nov. 23, 2021


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GPA Executive Director Griff Lynch provides an operational update for Port of Savannah customers.