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1. GCT Reefer Rack Expansion (CB1 and CB6)
Project ID: 1709-0934   Bid Type: Construction   Status: Contract Pending
Posted: 9/28/2017   Project Bid Date: 6/26/2018

(MN)  The proposed project consists of providing all materials, equipment, and labor required to complete the fabrication and installation of 19 new refrigerated container racks, RTG runways and electrical infrastructure at the Garden City Terminal's Container Berths 1 and 6. 

Specifically, the project consists of all work required to provide and install concrete foundations and bearing pads, four story steel framed steel structures, a concrete pad for electrical equipment and all electrical work to support the installation of plugs for 24 refrigerated containers, … More »

2. CIT Colonel's Island Development FY18 (CIT Bulk Facility Demolition)
Project ID: 1710-0937A   Bid Type: Construction   Status: Contract Pending
Posted: 2/9/2018   Project Bid Date: 3/2/2018

(HGB) The proposed project will consist of providing all equipment and labor required for the demolition of the Colonels Island Bulk Facility and disposal of all demolition materials. This project shall include demolition of all above ground structures; equipment, including conveyors, transfer towers, ship loader and ship unloader; and privately-owned utilities with removal of all material from the site and minimal below surface removal. 

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3. GCT Container Berths 4-9 Upgrades Phase 2
Project ID: 1701-0863   Bid Type: Construction   Status: Under Contract
Posted: 2/9/2018   Project Bid Date: 5/3/2018

(MN) The project consists of providing all material, equipment, and labor required to complete wharf improvements at the Garden City Terminal.  The work includes rehabilitation of approximately 2,650 linear feet of pile supported wharf including the waterside and landside crane beam and rail, fender system, mooring hardware and utility systems. 

Demolition work on the waterside includes removing the front portion of the existing berth and removal of precast piles. Waterside installation work includes replacing the front portion of the berth and installation of new 20-inch … More »

4. Port of Savannah International Multimodal Connector Package 3 - Rail Infrastructure
Project ID: 1402-0663C   Bid Type: Construction   Status: Out for Bid
Posted: 2/9/2018   Project Bid Date: 7/10/2018

(M&N) The proposed project consists of providing all materials, equipment, and labor required to complete the infrastructure and rail portion of the Mega-Rail project on the Garden City Terminal.  This is the final phase of on ongoing project and shall include demolition of existing facilities, gates, rail, light poles and pavement.  The project shall include earthwork, drainage, erosion control, restriping, asphalt pavement, crane rail and concrete runways for Rail Mounted Gantry (RMG) Cranes, compressed air system, utility work, lighting, fencing, electrical and … More »

5. GCT Gate 1 Grade Separation
Project ID: 1706-0912   Bid Type: Construction   Status: Out for Bid
Posted: 2/20/2018   Project Bid Date: 7/10/2018

(MN) The Gate 1 Grade Separation project consists of providing all materials, equipment, and labor required to complete the construction of approach roadways and a grade separation in the Gate 1 vicinity where the Norfolk Southern and CSX rail tracks enter the Garden City Terminal (GCT).  Work also includes intersection improvements at the Gate 1 Access Road (Gibbons Road) and Tomochichi Road, and a new parking area for Port Police adjacent to Blackburn Avenue.  Demolition work includes clearing and grubbing, asphalt milling and removal of other miscellaneous items.  … More »

6. Cold Storage Redevelopment Phase 1
Project ID: 1806-0952   Bid Type: Construction   Status: Contract Pending
Posted: 6/5/2018   Project Bid Date: 6/28/2018

(MN) The proposed project consists of providing all materials, equipment, and labor required to complete the demolition of the existing 93,000 +/- SF Cold Storage Building located along Tomochichi Road at the Garden City Terminal.  Specifically, the project consists of the demolition of the former 34,000 SF warehouse building with the wood piles being left in place but cut down. The existing 59,000 SF steel pile warehouse will be demolished down to the slab and the slab will be used for future parking.

Pre-Bid:  June 14, 2018

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7. Colonel's Island Development FY18 (Site Development)
Project ID: 1710-0937B   Bid Type: Construction   Status: Upcoming Projects
Posted: 6/11/2018   Project Bid Date: Bid Documents Available TBD; Bid Opening TBD

(HGB) This project consits of clearing, grading, drainage, paving (flexible and rigid) of approximately 55 acres at the Georgia Ports Authority's Colonel's Island Terminal in Brunswick, GA.  Work also includes demolition of remaining items for the Colonel's Island Bulk Facility consistting primarily of foundations and utilities.

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