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1. CI Southside Development Phase 3 - Access Road Improvements
Project ID: 1605-0804E   Bid Type: Construction   Status: Out for Bid
Posted: 9/7/2016   Project Bid Date: Bid Documents Available January 15, 2018; Bid Opening February 22, 2018

(CH) The proposed project consists of construction of a traffic roundabout at the intersection of Joe Frank Harris Boulevard and Penniman Circle at Colonel’s Island Terminal in Brunswick, Georgia. Included in the work will be subgrade preparation, site grading, installation of asphalt pavement and base courses, utility relocation, drainage piping and structures, erosion and sediment control BMPs, traffic control, pavement markings, and traffic signage.

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2. CIT Colonel's Island Development FY18 (CIT Bulk Facility Demolition)
Project ID: 1710-0937A   Bid Type: Construction   Status: Out for Bid
Posted: 2/9/2018   Project Bid Date: Bid Documents Available 2/9/18; Bid Opening 3/2/18

(HGB) The proposed project will consist of providing all equipment and labor required for the demolition of the Colonels Island Bulk Facility and disposal of all demolition materials. This project shall include demolition of all above ground structures; equipment, including conveyors, transfer towers, ship loader and ship unloader; and privately-owned utilities with removal of all material from the site and minimal below surface removal. 

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