Georgia Ports Authority


Senior Director and Administrative Staff

Title Name Phone Fax Email
Senior Director, Administration and Government Affairs Jamie McCurry 912.963.5562 912.966.3615
Executive Administrative Assistant Cathy Quattlebaum 912.963.5562 912.966.3615

Waterways Development

Title Name Phone Fax Email
General Manager, Navigation Programs Hope Moorer 912.964.3883 912.965.2368
Executive Administrative Assistant Cathy Beasley 912.964.3882 912.965.2368

Properties and Contracts

Title Name Phone Fax Email
Manager, Contracts and Planning Paul Yarborough 912.963.2504 912.966.3633
Assistant Manager, Properties and Contracts Emily Eady Manning 912.966.3632 912.966.3633
Administrative Specialist Ylonda Fate 912.963.5447 912.966.3633

Grants Administration

Title Name Phone Fax Email
Grants Manager Cathy Willis 912.964.3800 912.966.3611