Georgia Ports Authority

Mega Rail/Inland Terminal Update




  • $128 million Mega-Rail project funded in part by a $44 million FASTLANE Grant administered by the Maritime Administration.
  • Rail expansion positions Savannah to rapidly increase service to an arc of inland markets, from Atlanta to Memphis, St. Louis, Chicago and the Ohio Valley.
  • Allows GPA to shift more cargo from trucks to trains, reducing highway traffic congestion.
  • Construction is set to begin in 2018.
  • 2020 completion will double rail lift capacity at Garden City Terminal to 1M containers per year.
  • Served by Norfolk Southern and CSX. 



In FY2017, the GPA broke ground on the Appalachian Regional Port, an inland terminal in Chatsworth, Ga.

  • Expands GPA’s reach into Tennessee, Northeast Alabama and parts of Kentucky.
  • Will cut Atlanta truck traffic by 50,000 trips per year.
  • Each container moved by the Appalachian Regional Port will offset 355 truck miles, reducing 8 million miles in the first year.
  • Trucks will travel shorter distances and make less frequent trips, while still providing a vital gateway for U.S. manufacturers in global markets.